I'm grateful for you, EJC. I'm grateful for your spirit, your humor, your joi de vivre, and your devotion to your readers. But mostly I'm grateful for your courage. Been following the trial closely, as I'm sure every member of the Conflab has. I am so proud to know you, however thin our connection may be. Fuck that orange menace. He needs to be tossed into an oubliette, never to be heard from again.

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Your courage

Your intelligence

Your fortitude

Your honesty

Your humor

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As an Epstein survivor who froze and was mute when I was raped in 1991, I felt every single response you gave to the defense. I’m so grateful for you and your ability to articulate your experience so boldly, inspired by your strength & bravery, and grateful we are all FINALLY finding our voices. Thank you, QUEEN! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

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I’M GRATEFUL that EJC FINALLY got to SPEAK her TRUTH in court and I am CERTAIN that she told the truth because I was raised the same way she was, to not speak out about rape and make light of it to others or else WE WOMEN would be BLAMED for it!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, Ms. Carroll, because YOU spoke out for ME TOO! You’re a role model for me now, a younger woman!!!!!!!!!!!! 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷😊

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just had a successful quintuple heart bypass a few weeks ago so that is 1 through 5 for grateful. having a chance at a “second” life is reaffirming and humbling. Best to you E. Jean.

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Free speech and a smart-ass mouth to use it, love and adoration in a good marriage, a vicious 8th grade English teacher who was a stickler for grammar, the scientific method and evidence-based practice, and the penurious habits that allow us to stay in this old house near the ocean for the rest of our lives. Oh, and grandchildren and women friends, that makes a lucky seven, so sue me. And cats. Well, eight is lucky in oriental cultures.

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One in my top 5 is you, Jean, as represent of the women who are changing things. My daughters and husband make 4. And I'm also grateful that I just finished a manuscript and my publisher likes it.

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E. Jean you're an inspiration to everyone! Godspeed!

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1. My kids. God bless their sweet asses.

2. My divorce (though I wouldn't have imagined I could ever be grateful before or during)

3. My general good health. (I mean, I've got some chronic stuff but nothing that keeps me from moving about or generally doing what I want.)

4. This body. (It's taken me a long-ass time to be able to appreciate her, but she stuck with me even through my lack of gratitude, so I'm trying to make up for the time lost.)

5. Old friends. (I've got three still from 13, 15, and 16 that live long distance, and a couple of nearly 20 years locally.) They have saved me over, and over, and over. I wouldn't be even vaguely sane (best I'll ever be) without them.

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1. I’m grateful for those trying to preserve our democracy and our dignity through hard work!

2. Those speaking truth to power (like you!)

3. I’m grateful that I am living in a relatively safe place, with my beloved partner and old dog.

4. I’m grateful for creativity, mine and others! Making music and art, being creative in protest, having time and space to express myself creatively.

5. Family and friends - including the online relationships I’ve made and nurtured.

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Overflowing with gratitude and awe for your FORTITUDE AND FEMITUDE

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I'm grateful for the information and education on rape survivor's behavior that your trial brought to the public......along with a very serious - and not flattering! - look at The Former Guy.

Grateful for my dog friend who keeps me walking even when I need a knee replacement

Grateful they can replace knees, which I will do soon!

Grateful for my daughter

Grateful for all the inspiring women who have been in the news this past week

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I am grateful

1. For women brave enough to tell the truth. (including you)

2. For friends and family that understand we are a whole package.

3. For Magoo my dog who makes my heart swell with love.

4. For purpose - for the opportunity to pull back the veil of lies the patriarchal driven cosmetic companies that cause the cancer and then try to co-opt women into joining their bullshit PR campaigns that would have us live with the cancer rather than them just not Causing it.

5. For non fascists everywhere!

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Thank you, E.Jean, for your courage, grateful for that. I hope you have a peaceful and healing weekend 🙏

Also: my pup and four kitties

My sobriety

My health, such as it is

And feeling safe where I live 😻🙏

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First and foremost:

A. I’m grateful to God for my living every day.

B. The Substack writers (and yes, E. Jean, yiu are at the top of the list) that produce such informative articles keeping us all informed, and for all my Substack friends I’ve gained over this past year or so.

C. For my friends that come by and keep me company.

D. For all of our farmers/agriculture producers making sure we have safe food to eat.

E. For President Biden. Lord knows he’s had it rough these last couple of years and he can sure use all the support we can muster to defeat the Q-Anon, white extremist Trumpublicans in the House and Senate.

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Love you, E. Jean. You are a Shero for sure. Big hug. We got you.

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